LeFever Sauce Co.

LeFever Sauce Company was founded in 2018 by the couple William Óðinn Lefever and Greta Samúelsdóttir. They live in a small fishing village in Djúpivogur Iceland, along with their three young children. Óðinn has experimented with hot sauce making in their kitchen since 2012 when they moved back home from living in Boston for a few years. There they were introduced to the hot sauce world and Óðinn was hooked. At the time hot sauce options in Iceland were rather limited so he figured he would just have to make it himself.

Six years and a lot of experimental recipes later Bera come to being, the first Icelandic hot sauce. Since then the hot sauce world in Iceland has grown and Lefever sauce company now has five types of hot sauce as well as other spicy goodies. Icelandic product made by hand and heart in Djúpivogur from fresh ingredients!

Try out a little spice from the land of fire and ice!